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Gargano Peninsula, the spur of the heel of Italy
Soon the landscape changed to pines, ancient olives and small villages perched like white doves on cliffs high above the ultramarine Adriatic.

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The Trabucco
The trabucco--those seven wooden poles support immense nets that the fishermen lower into the water. When the net is full, it is hoisted up. God knows how many centuries the Viestani have been fishing this way.
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Medieval Vieste
I climbed the steps to the Via Judeca, once the medieval Jewish quarter of Vieste, and walked along the ramparts through an ancient passage. Tufts of henbane sprang out from cracks in the limestone walls.

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Castel Del Monte
Castel del Monte, Castle of the 13th century emperor Frederick II.

At last I had a glimpse of Castel del Monte in the distance, like a golden crown rising above sloping vineyards and almond groves. As we drove closer, the giant octagon loomed up from a hill dense with pines..