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The Blood Remembers
A Novel by Terry Stanfill

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Some of the historical
figures you will encounter
in Rose Kirkland's tale of past and present.

Frederick II, medieval emperor (1194-1250)

Constance de Hauteville (Costanza d'Altavilla)

Joanna Plantagenet

King William II (the Good)
of Sicily

Michael Scot, wizard and astrologer to Frederick II


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  historical novel about Frederick II: The Blood Remembers, by Terry Stanfill. Among the historical figures in the novel, The Blood Remembers, are Frederick II and his mother, Constance de Hauteville.
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The Blood Remembers
A Novel by Terry Stanfill

Finalist, General Fiction
Independent Publishers Awards
Finalist, Mainstream Fiction Category
Dorothy Parker Awards of Excellence, 2002

Rose Kirkland, a jewelry designer living in Santa Monica, struggles with a troubled marriage and her inability
to have a child. In the midst of these tensions, she is startled by a mysterious inner voice, that of a young woman sent by her family to marry a man she has
never met. Slowly and startlingly, Rose begins to realize that the voice is her own—a persona from a richly cultured past life, its presence so compelling it permeates the present.
With her husband's approval, Rose travels to Europe to trace the origins of the voice. While on her journey she inadvertently unravels a mystery surrounding the medieval emperor, Frederick II and the legendary king, Prester John. The quest leads her to Oxford, England,
to Vieste, her father's birthplace on the Adriatic coast of southern Italy, and finally to Pirou Castle in Normandy, France, where Rose discovers a link to her own reality
as past and present fuse in an odyssey of desire and self-discovery.

“Lush, lyrical, and charmingly knowledgeable, The Blood Remembers transports you to a glowing and fascinating world. The heroine is enchanting and her adventures on her quest are both moving and profound. I thoroughly relished The Blood Remembers.”
— Judith Krantz

“With all the enchantment of a modern-day Merlin, Terry Stanfill conjugates the present with the past into a seamless unity spanning 800 years.

The Blood Remembers is a masterpiece of poetic precision in which the intuitive psyche illuminates richly-layered historical contexts in unexpected ways.”

Dr. Eric T. Haskell
Professor of French & Humanities,
Scripps College,
Claremont University Center, CA.